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Tracklist :
Trust In The Unexpected
How Happy Is The Little Stone
She Sweeps With Many-Colored Brooms
Ah, Teneriffe!

Who Is The East?
They Called Me To The Window
This – Is The Land – The Sunset Washes
Like Mighty Foot Lights – Burned The Red
Exultation Is The Going
In Falling Timbers Buried
With Thee In The Desert
I See Thee Better – In The Dark
Your Thoughts Don’t Have Words Every Day
My Life Had Stood – A Loaded Gun
Eden Is That Old-Fashioned House
Beauty Crowds Me Till I Die
I Could Bring You Jewels – Had I A Mind To
Wild Nights – Wild Nights!
Only A Shrine, But Mine
Tho’ My Destiny Be Fustian
What Shall I Do – It Whimpers So
Heart! We Will Forget Him!
Strong Draughts Of Their Refreshing Minds
Tell As A Marksman – Were Forgotten
The Spider Holds A Silver Ball
Whoever Disenchants
Touch Lightly Nature’s Sweet Guitar

Credits :

Poetry by Emily Dickinson
Music written and performed by Josephine Foster (guitar, voice, harmonica)
Recorded & mixed by Anna Tjan in Mecina Bombarón
Cover artwork by Mark Golamco

2009 Fire Records (CD/LP)