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Tracklist :
The Garden Of Earthly Delights
The Lap Of Your Lust
Lullaby To All
I Love You & The Springtime Blues
All I Wanted Was The Moon
Waltz Of Green
Sim Não
Second Sight
A Thimbleful Of Milk
Indelible Rainbows

Credits :
Josephine Foster – singing, guitar, harp, piano, harmonica
Victor Herrero – electric guitar
Alex Neilson – percussion

All songs written by Josephine Foster
Recorded & mixed by Paco Loco in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
Mastered by Pete Norman

2008 UK : Bo’ Weavil Recordings CD/LP :cover is a painting of the Duchess of Alba by JF
2020 Fire Records LP reissue : cover portrait of JF by Pablo Perez Minguez , from 2008