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Tracklist :
Ole Girl
– The Cherry Blossoms
Shimey Chuck Down
– The Cherry Blossoms
Shaker Dance of Incarnation and Dismissal of the Great I
– Josephine Foster
Tahitian Lullaby
– The Cherry Blossoms
Way Up the Neck
– The Cherry Blossoms
Deepest Woods
– music by Peggy Snow and John Allingham, words by Peggy Snow
Can We Trust the Waters?
– music by Peggy Snow and Josephine Foster, words by Peggy Snow
In the Alley Ways
– Peggy Snow
Center In the Center of It
– Josephine Foster
(Anytime You Go Back Home/Better World)
– Peggy Snow and Josephine Foster

originally released as a CDR in 2007 under the title ‘The Cherry Blossoms with Josephine Foster’

2020 US : Feeding Tube Records LP/CD